CSULB celebrates Earth Week planting tips for indoor plants

In the midst of their busy schedules, students found the “thyme” to learn about the various health benefits plants provide, even when indoors.

The Indoor Plants 101 was a collection of short sessions spaced out between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Tuesday in the University Student Union Sunset Lounge to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

The first station featured a whiteboard, where students were encouraged to write out ways to “live green” in 2018. Students had varied responses, including recycling, using reusable bottles, eating less meat and eliminating plastic straws from their daily routines. The first 50 students received free succulents if they visited all three stations.

One student presenter shared her reason for having her own indoor plant.

“When you look at these plants, you can get a sense of peace and harmony,” said Lamiya Hoque, a junior majoring in environmental science and policy.

The workshop was sponsored by Sustain U, Associated Students Inc. and CSULB Sustainability as part of a weeklong series of Earth Week events.

According to the student representatives, indoor plants are beneficial because they rid the air of toxins and reduce depression and anxiety-related stress by providing a sense of positivity due to the lively, bright colors of a plant.

A slideshow during the lecture showed that aloe vera, peace lily, English ivy and succulents are the most common indoor plants.

The second station showed examples of where and how to place indoor plants in one’s bedroom or dorm. According to the lecture, the placement of the plant is ultimately dependent on its species.

Students were shown how to place and take care of their plants at the third station, where five different plants were showcased on pedestals. The succulent, which was the plant most recognized by students, requires six hours of sunlight and is watered only once a month.

According to Sustain U, a succulent is adaptable to any season and are easy to manage and keep alive.

“As health science majors, it’s nice hearing about opportunities to help out your health,” said Jose Lopez, a junior majoring in health science.

According to Eric Bryan, ASI’s recycling and sustainability coordinator, indoor plants are not costly because plants range from $3 to $25. Bryan suggested that students buy their plants at a local nursery because the plants are “better taken care of.” He also named mainstream stores that sell plants such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Earth Week will continue Wednesday with an eco-arts fair at 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the USU Southwest Terrace.

Illustration by Jade Inglada

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