All university communications to be sent to BeachMail addresses starting in August

Get ready to add another email to your notifications list — Cal State Long Beach announced in May that it will now send all announcements through BeachMail starting Aug. 2 to protect students from “phishing attacks and cyber scams.”

The university previously allowed students to set their own preferred email through Google, Yahoo or other providers and automatically forwarded the emails from BeachMail to the set address.

Messages from the university will be sent solely to the student addresses which end with “,” unless the user selects an option which forwards Outlook emails to another address.

According to Janet Foster, associate vice president of the Information Technology Desk, there were a multitude of reasons for switching back to the Outlook email. Foster said that it’s difficult to confirm an email address is sent by a student if they’re using a third party email.

“By using a campus email address, faculty and staff can more easily identify and communicate with students for their academic and administrative,” Foster said.

She also explained that Outlook ensures that emails sent from the school won’t be blocked by “outside internet service providers” and will make it easier for the school to notice phishing and cyber scams.

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    Would be helpful to add a how-to or link for students to set up email forwarding from their CSULB Outlook accounts to an email they use more often like Yahoo or Gmail.

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