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Four steps to forwarding school emails to your preferred account

Long Beach State announced in May that all communications from the university will be sent through BeachMail starting Aug. 2. According to school officials, this move was designed to protect students from “phishing attacks and cyber scams,” but the change may result in students scrambling to find dozens of missed emails over the summer, not to mention another email to check.

The Daily 49er previously reported that Janet Foster, associate vice president of the Information Technology Desk, said that “it’s difficult to confirm an email address is sent by a student if they’re using a third party email.”

Foster stated that by using student addresses ending in “,” Outlook, the platform hosting BeachMail, ensures that emails sent from the school won’t be blocked by outside internet service providers.

Even if students have already entered their preferred email in Student Center, they still must manually go into BeachMail and change their settings to forward future messages to their preferred accounts.

And here’s how:

  1. To do this, students must sign into their BeachMail account and select the “Settings” tab, which resembles a gear wheel.
  2. Then, a drop down menu will appear and students can select “Mail,” which is the third link from the bottom.
  3. Next, a long list of options will appear on the left side of the screen. Select “Forwarding” which appears under “Accounts.”
  4. Lastly, students must click on “Start forwarding” and type which email they want all future messages to be forwarded to.

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