Bike thefts, stalking report and hate crime vandalism

Stalking – A female student arrived at the University Police Department Sept. 13 to file a report that someone was stalking her. The victim told the reporting officers that the subject was repeatedly texting her the night before.

“We have an ongoing case of a stalking whereby our victim is reporting that the subject in this case is texting her, wanting to talk about things,” University Police Lt. Richard Goodwin said. “These matters we look into seriously, to safeguard the victim.”

Further details will remain confidential until the case is resolved.

Joy ride – University Police officers responded to a call at 12:52 a.m. Sept. 14 about a suspicious vehicle located in parking lot G7 off of Merriam Way and Earl Warren Drive. Upon arrival, officers discovered two dorm residents driving through the lot with the passenger hanging their body out the window.

“[The report] says their body was sticking out of the window, so I can presume they weren’t waving their arms,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin clarified that they weren’t racing and were maintaining a normal speed. They were let go without a citation after they were checked and cleared.

Bike thefts – There were three reported bike thefts between Sept. 14 and 17, with two of the reports occurring within two hours of each other. The first occurred on Sept. 14 when a student called from the G building of the Parkside dorms to report that their bike, which they hadn’t seen in a week, had been stolen.

The student was unable to provide the brand name, but they described the bike as a black fixie-style with a racing stripe and is valued somewhere between $80-100.

The second theft was reported as being stolen Sept. 17 in front of the College of Business Administration building sometime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The bike, which was not given any description, is valued at somewhere between $750 and $800. Goodwin said the report was taken for the bike theft.

The third bike theft was reported by the student on Sept. 17. The bike was registered with UPD, but no value on the bike nor a description was given to the police. A description on how the bike was secured was not reported by the victim.

Despite the three bike thefts in a three-day span, Goodwin said the amount of thefts reported thus far is less this year than in the past.

Irate verbal disturbance – Office workers in Brotman Hall called the police on Sept. 17 to assist with a student who was in a rage and creating a verbal disturbance in the office. According to the report, the student was in the manager’s office and was shouting and arguing with them.

“[The officers] got a hold of the situation and calmed him down,” Goodwin said. “They got him the assistance he needed… no one was arrested and no citations were issued.”

Goodwin said the officers were unable to ascertain what had made the student irate in the first place.

The student was released without being arrested or being issued a citation.

Hate crime vandalism – A female victim filed a vandalism report for her car on Sept. 17. The car, a gray 2012 Toyota Corolla, had a swastika carved into the trunk located beneath a window sticker for her church.

“It says here, ‘The victim did not notice the damage to her vehicle until a week and a half later, and she is uncertain if the damage occurred on campus or elsewhere,’” Goodwin said. “Apparently she was parked on campus when she saw it, but it could’ve been done somewhere not on campus, as she addressed here.”

A report was filed on the case, but no suspect information or leads have been found yet. Goodwin says the investigator will review the camera footage from whatever parking lots the victim parked in.

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