ASI continues voting outreach campaigns and elects new senators

The Associated Students Inc. Senate reviewed student applicants and voted on institutionalizing voter registration at Long Beach State.

  • Senator-at-large Omar Prudencio Gonzalez declared the biomedical engineering department made progress receiving grants to continue their work in developing biomechanical limbs and continuing student research.
  • The League of Women Voters requested the institutionalization of voter registration on campus to further educate students on voting and how and where to register outside of campus. The group says it’ll start conducting outreach with freshman via housing unit packets at orientation.

The current student government members voted on new senators to represent their respective colleges.

  • Mateo Maya from the College of Business Administration declared that he has the skills that the Lobby Corps is looking for. Maya plans to inform more students on the services available to them by LBSU, including the Beach Pantry. Maya also seeks to increase the presence of the California State University in the state government and provide more voting information to students.
    “My goal for this position is to focus on raising awareness and improving access to student resources because most of the students don’t know of the benefits and resources that the school provides,” Maya said.
  • College of the Arts Senator-at-Large Billy Rudy made a proposal aiming to unify the different schools in the college, which he believes are distant.

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