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Compton resident says former ASI employee was on drugs at time of murders

A former Associated Students Inc. employee, Jamie Williams, who is facing capital murder charges, may have been high on PVP, or “bath salts,” when he was arrested, according to longtime family friend and Compton resident, Brandy Riley Fletcher.

According to Fletcher, Williams was seen running out of his stepfather’s house naked Sept. 28 with blood on his face and told Fletcher’s brother to call the police. She added that Williams told her brother, who was standing outside, that he just shot everyone in the house.

Williams, 43, was formally charged with two counts of murder with a special circumstances allegation of multiple murders and one count of attempted murder, Tuesday.

Jamie Williams is currently being held after being charged with the murder of his stepfather and stepsister.
Jamie Williams is currently being held after being charged with the murder of his stepfather and stepsister.

Fletcher’s mother lives two doors down from Eddie Talley Jr., 65, who was shot and killed alongside his 13-year-old stepdaughter Brittany Malone, and Talley’s wife who is still in critical condition, she said. Fletcher gave her account of what happened that night.

Fletcher, who works with campus security at Compton High School said that the 600 block of West Palmer Street, where the shooting occurred, is a tight-knit community.

“I’ve known them my whole life,” Fletcher said of the Talley family. “My mom’s been living here 50-some years and the Talley’s been here for over 50 years.”

According to Fletcher, Williams arrived at his stepfather’s house that evening under the influence of PVP, a stimulant that is often called “sherm” or “flakka.” The drug is in the “bath salts” family and is known to cause aggressive and uncontrollable behavior. Monique J. Talley, the niece of Williams’ stepfather, also affirmed that he was under the influence of PVP.

“The one thing that I know is that my uncle is dead and [Williams] was on PVP at the time of his crime,” Monique said through Facebook messenger.

Moments before the shooting, Fletcher said Williams had asked to borrow his stepfather’s car.

“They [told him] he was on drugs, he was on sherm,” Fletcher said. “He wanted to use his father’s truck and they told him no and he shot all three of them.”

Fletcher said that she had talked with and seen Williams often over the past two years but that he hadn’t been around the neighborhood for over a decade.

Williams was hired by ASI October 2017 despite having spent the last 16 years in prison after he was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault in 2001, according to Los Angeles Superior Court Records.

Fletcher emphasized that she always found Williams to be a kind, intelligent man and that he “knew the Bible inside and out.” She said that his stepfather was just like a father to him and Williams stayed at his house on a regular basis. She also said that it was unlike him to use drugs.

“He needs to be punished for what he did because whatever the situation was with his father, he didn’t have to take that baby’s life,” Fletcher said.

Several sources who wish to remain anonymous told the Daily 49er that Vice President of Student Affairs Carmen Taylor, had a romantic relationship with Williams. According to these reports, she had recently ended the relationship. On Sept. 28, Williams reportedly roamed the Long Beach State campus and shared frustrations and details about his relationship with Taylor just hours before he was accused of murdering his family members in Compton.

Fletcher said that she never saw Taylor at the house, and that Williams didn’t speak about her often. She was aware however, that Williams was in a relationship with a woman in her 50s.

The university’s policy prohibits employees from “entering into a consensual relationship with any employee whom they exercise direct or otherwise significant academic, administrative, supervisory, evaluative, counseling or extracurricular authority.”

University officials cannot confirm that Taylor had a relationship with Williams, but they stated that his connection to the campus is under review. Taylor was placed on paid administrative leave on Tuesday, the same day that Williams was arraigned and plead not guilty.

Williams faces the death penalty or life in prison if convicted.

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