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Tuesday classes are cancelled for the Veteran’s Day academic week

For this year’s upcoming Veteran’s Day, Monday classes held Nov. 12 will be moved to Tuesday, Nov. 13, while all Tuesday classes are canceled.

Academic schedule decisions are made by the Academic Calendar Committee, which meets twice a year and is made up of students, staff, faculty and administrators.

The committee is also responsible for making sure that the number of class dates are consistent throughout the week.

The committee recommends students notify their instructor immediately if there is a conflict with the new schedule.

Some students felt a lack of communication about the change, including undeclared sophomore Suzanne Barnes, who felt it would cause chaos between students and professors.

“Even though … it is in November, time sneaks up on you really fast and some professors give zero excuses because we found out so far ahead, which is understandable,” Barnes said. “But then again I can’t plan things that far ahead because not everything goes as planned.”

Norbert Schürer, a professor in the English department, explained that some professors had some issues with the change as well.

“I’ve heard plenty of complaints about the switch of Monday and Tuesday,” Schürer said. “All faculty notice that attendance drops precipitously on these days, so they are concerned not all students [are] having the same opportunity of learning.”

To make this change, this schedule had to go through a series of steps in order for it to be approved, including:

  • The Chair of the Academic Calendar Committee goes to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.
  • The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate gets a list of recommendations and look at the recommendations on the options given.
  • The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate send their own recommendations to the President via the Provost.
  • The President of Long Beach State makes the final decision.

For the full academic calendar, students and staff can click here.

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