Commissioner of LGBTIQ+ Affairs to accommodate transgender students

Vivian Napoles, Associated Students Inc. commissioner of LGBTIQ+ Affairs, reported to the ASI Senate Wednesday about accommodating more transgender students on campus.

According to Napoles, the LGBTIQ+ section of the Campus Climate Committee has been working with Mark Zakhour, the director of Design and Construction Services, in creating more single-use restrooms over the next six to eight months.

“We’ve been working on identifying a newly designated gender neutral restroom map since it’s very outdated,” she said.

Napoles voiced concerns about the lack of upkeep in gender-neutral single-use restrooms. The commissioner said that many transgender students on campus are pushing for restrooms containing more stalls.

She noted that Student Health Services will be providing hormone therapy during the spring semester. Napoles hopes to keep LGBTIQ+ issues like these in the forefront, and she is also planning a resolution within the next two weeks to address their needs.

“First and foremost, [my goal is] to establish a resolution and a consistent support group for our trans students here on campus especially following the recent news of the Trump administration’s attempt to define transgender out of existence,” she said.

ASI President Genesis Jara updated the Senate on the developments with the new Alumni Center. Jara reported that at the Alumni Association dinner on Oct. 30, the group revealed that the Anna W. Ngai Alumni and Visitor Center will start its construction process in September 2019.

According to the Los Altos Center Adjacent Neighborhoods, the center is planned to be built on the corner of Atherton and Fanwood Streets. The proposed site is Lot 14 near the Millie Gant School and Los Altos Village residential single family homes.

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