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Campus Clash racks up a near $20,000 bill

When nonprofit, right-wing organization Turning Point USA brought a flurry of conservative ideas to Long Beach State on Oct. 23, the university prepared itself with K-rail barriers, fencing and 70 police members.

The event required dozens of personnel on standby, as well as added costs for LBSU, Turning Point USA and the Cal State University system.

The total cost of the event was about $19,667.41, but according to Jeff Bliss, the university’s executive director of media, LBSU only paid $7,375.51.

Bliss said there were 15 University Police officers and three K-9 officers — two of which were on loan from “neighboring agencies.”

There were also four commanders. Two were from the university and two were from the CSU system’s Critical Response Unit. Also at the event were two chiefs — one from LBSU and one from the CRU. In addition, the university brought in 46 officers from throughout the CSU.

University police received $382.04 in total for overtime costs.

“In order to minimize overtime, schedules were adjusted for most staff to come in later that day knowing they would be staying late,” Bliss said.

The extra officers not employed by LBSU came from the Chancellor’s Office and the CSU system. This cost the CSU an estimated $10,000, which included personnel hours and travel expenses, according to Michael Uhlenkamp, director of public affairs for the Chancellor’s Office.

The equipment rentals for fencing and K-rail barriers cost the university $5,160.62, and labor to put this together cost $1,752.85. The campus also provided directional signs for vehicles in the parking lots which cost $80.

Bliss said these specific campus costs were charged to the campus events account, which comes from rental fees that groups outside the university pay when they rent campus facilities.

The food served at the event cost $1,119.12 and the loss of revenue from closing the Games Center was estimated at $407.78. The university also paid $315 in overtime to building managers working in the University Student Union that night.

Founder Charlie Kirk and Communications Director Candace Owens were paid for by Turning Point, according to Bliss, as well as full price of the auditorium which was $450.

According to University Police Lt. Richard Goodwin, the university was extra cautious about the event.

Goodwin referenced the riot at Colorado State University, when the Campus Clash tour visited Feb. 2, as a reason to take all the precautions. The Coloradoan reported violence erupted when an outside group stormed the protesters with riot shields, large flashlights, bats and gas masks while chanting a Nazi slogan.

“With any event there is planning that goes into it,” said Goodwin in an email. “However, each event is different. With this event, for example, more planning went into it due to the fact that such events elsewhere drew much attention.”

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