Ritchie, a lover of rough gangsters and violent action Jasmine

When seeing the new version with actors of “Aladdin” it is quite clear that the doubts around the selection of Will Smith for the role of the Genius were exaggerated. The one that should have aroused doubts is the guy behind the camera … and, in the process, getting into a lamp forever.Guy Ritchie, a lover of rough gangsters and violent action, was always a strange choice to direct a great Disney romantic musical and here he proves definitely that he was the wrong person. “Aladdin”, in his hands, looks more like “The mummy” than “Frozen”. Includes a scene of torture and action shots in slow motion without meaning.At first, Smith was the big question mark. How was a real actor to reproduce the frantic spirit of a metamorphic genius to which Robin Williams lent his voice so beautifully in the animated film? Smith acts with difficulty at first, perhaps before listening to the advice of his own character: be yourself.Ritchie, who directed the film and co-wrote the screenplay with John August, basically took the structure of the 1992 film, added elements of the Broadway musical and gave it some good twists, such as adding a second love story and updating the princess Jasmine, who passes from pretty witness to fierce participant. The script also redoubles the idea that everyone feels trapped in the roles in which they were born.

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