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Slippery campus hallway brings down 10 walkers in an hour

This year’s Valentine’s Day appears to be seeing more Long Beach State University students falling hard on the ground rather than in love.

A slick, wet concrete ramp located along the partially-roofed outdoor walkway near the Liberal Arts buildings led to over 10 passing students and professors slipping and falling Thursday.

Britny Coker-Moen, a senior journalism public relations major, was tabling a Diversity LB campaign event held by the JPR department for the 2019 Bateman Competition when she noticed an abnormal amount of people slipping right in front of her within minutes of her arrival.

“From the moment we came and set up, we’ve been watching people slip and fall,” Coker-Moen said. “Even people walking really, really slow [are slipping], there’s just no traction.”

Although the incidents haven’t led to any major injuries, Coker-Moen said she noticed at least one person slipping per minute.

After seeing one student fall forward, tumble and hit her head on a post, Coker-Moen called Physical Planning and Facilities Management to suggest they send out gripping mats that are typically used to cover cords.

“They just brought out a ‘caution wet floor’ sign,” said Coker-Moen. “The signs are helping [them] slow down, but people are still falling.”

Down the way, Tristan Bangle was tabling Turning Point USA’s Valentines for Veterans event when he noticed the issue.

In addition to this hallway, Bangle said that the bridge between the CBA and Brotman Hall should receive safety measures to make it safer for students to pass through.

“It’d make our lives easier for tabling,” Bangle said. “It’d make all of the students’ lives easier just for walking to class.”

Freshman marine biology majors Sophia Lee and Shelby Argabright saw a student fall on the ramp despite walking cautiously and wearing rain boots.

“I think mats will make people trip more,” Argabright said.

Physical Planning and Facilities Management and University Police official could not be immediately reached for comment.

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