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Crime blotter: UPD responds to a suspicious senior, a partial bike theft and a lost seagull

Suspicious senior at the theatre and library

A Long Beach State student reported an older White male wearing a tan hat taking pictures of them and their vehicle near the University Theatre Feb. 17 at 10:30 a.m. After the student’s call, the University Police Department found the 5-foot-7-inch senior citizen near the theatre and questioned his photographs. The man said he was taking pictures of the electric vehicle stalls, a claim Capt. Richard Goodwin said he doubted. Despite the reported suspiciousness, no crime had been committed and the man was released after questioning. The day prior, a man matching his description and wearing a similar tan hat was reported loitering outside the University Library’s third floor men’s restroom.

Wayward seagull in Kinesiology building

Police and animal control were dispatched to the Kinesiology building after an injured seagull was reported inside the men’s locker room Feb. 18. The white and gray seagull was unable to fly, but managed to move to the courtyard where it was retrieved by animal control. The seagull was taken off-site to receive treatment.

Parkside partial bike theft

A Parkside College Dorm resident reported parts of his and others’ bikes stolen from the G building bike racks Feb. 18. The resident said he secured his bike at 8 p.m. the night before, but his seat and handlebars were gone when he returned at 10:45 a.m. the next morning. He reported the theft to UPD, and noticed many of the other bikes at the rack had missing parts. Goodwin said while it’s possible the owners of the other bikes may have removed those missing parts so they wouldn’t get stolen, it’s likely that those other missing parts were also stolen. Since no other reports were made, he couldn’t definitively say if this was the case.

Dubious dancer at the Outpost

A student reported a man dancing and smoking outside The Outpost Grill on Feb. 18. The man had been outside for about 40 minutes when UPD officers approached him. Officers issued the individual a lawful order stating he can not return to campus within seven days unless he has lawful business. The man left campus without incident.

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