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Christian speakers come to LBSU

Students gathered at the Central Quad Monday as evangelists shouted phrases such as “Christians who lie, cheat and steal are not the real thing” and “You’ll go to hell like Hillary Clinton.”

George Edward “Jed” Smock, Jr., better known as Brother Jed, and other preachers arrived at Long Beach State to preach about Christianity.

The speakers have shown up on campus in years prior and fueled arguments toward students with charged statements.

Brother Jed told students about the sins of lying with someone out of wedlock but when confronted with the actions Donald Trump has made in his life, Brother Jed could not provide a solid explanation.

“Trump is making America great again,” Jed said.

Rudy Macias, a molecular cell biology major began to speak with Jed about scriptures from the Bible. Jed instead steered the conversation back to the message he was attempting to preach.

When sexual orientations were discussed, Brother Jed touted the “right way” as being a man and a woman and “being gay is being selfish.”

“He has no right to speak for God,” said sophomore Noelle Chen, an anthropology major. “If God is greater than us all, who are we to speak his true intentions. While I’m Christian, I am also a scientist who can analyze the wrongdoings [of the church]. They only see women as a living womb. They are profiting from hate and attention.”

Meanwhile, near Faculty Office 3, the Muslim Student Association handed out roses and set up a booth around the corner from where the speakers were.

“We are all about love and peace,” said Sheza Fahim, a child development major and MSA member.

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