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Crime Blotter: University Police responds to a gem thief and vehicle fire

Attempted burglary in the Theatre Arts building

An attempted burglary in the Theatre Arts building was reported on the morning of Feb. 28. According to Capt. Richard Goodwin of the University Police Department, the thief or thieves gained entrance to room 31 through the unlocked front door and made “obvious pry marks” on the newly-installed cabinets in an attempt to steal the contents. The cabinets remain uncompromised and the only item reported stolen was makeup from a nearby table. There were no witnesses at the scene and the reporting party elected not to file a report.

Unwanted dancer outside the library

An older homeless man with a wheelchair reportedly called out to women, waved at people and danced outside the University Library on the morning of Feb. 28. The UPD was alerted and the man left campus voluntarily. About an hour prior, a witness reported the same man outside the Psychology building where he was cleaning himself in his wheelchair.

Vendor booth gem thief

Two gems were reported stolen from an outside vendor’s booth in front of the convenience store during the morning of March 3. The thief swiped a labradorite wolf head and a larimar stone, valued around $800 total. The thief left the stand before the owner noticed. According to Goodwin, the stones were likely laying out in the open to be viewed.

Red-hot Mustang in G2

Around noon on Feb. 28, a student reported a vehicle fire in the G2 parking lot. When university police officers arrived at the north side of the parking lot they found an abandoned Ford Mustang with smoke coming from its raised hood. The officers sprayed the smoky engine bay with a fire extinguisher and stopped the smolder. The fire department was alerted but the call was canceled because the fire was extinguished.

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