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Library bus stop closure extended due to weather

The Liberal Arts 1 bus stop is now open. According to a CSULB Parking twitter post, bus routes along West Campus Drive are now available for normal pick up.


Upper campus construction and bus stop closure has been extended to March 30 due to weather, the campus announced March 19.

The Sustainable Transportation department sent an email to the campus Feb. 8 stating the northbound bus stop in front of Liberal Arts 1 would be closed Feb. 13 to March 13 due to the Heating Hot Water Infrastructure Construction Project.

The Liberal Arts 1 bus stop closed Feb. 21. The project’s signs originally stated that stops would be closed until March 15.

Due to the construction, many stops such as the drop-off and pick-up zones for the Beachside College shuttle were relocated to the corner of the E9 parking lot, which inconvenienced some students.

“I normally take the 93 [bus], so the construction makes it so I have to either get off sooner or get off later and walk up campus,” said third year anthropology major Thomas Allen. “It’s really congested getting through all the construction, so for now I’m driving to school to avoid all of it.”

Marigold Espirazes, a fourth year studio art major echoed reactions of other students.  

“It is irritating having so much construction around campus, and maybe if we knew what was going on I wouldn’t be so against it,” said fourth year studio art major Marigold Espirazes. “It isn’t too difficult for me because it’s not that far, but it is annoying to deal with all of this.”

According to Jeff Bliss, the executive director of media, the project will implement a more efficient heating and hot water distribution system.

The piping system is what distributes heating and hot water to the buildings on campus from the central plant. The reason for the replacement of the current system, which was installed over 20 years ago, is the result of multiple failures that led to an unreliable and costly structure.

“The next project is said to help replace the south loop lateral lines and replace the entire north loop,” Bliss said. A date for these future projects has not been announced.

This article was updated March 28 at 4:44 p.m.

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