New Site; Who Dis?

In the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester, we told our readers that we were transitioning to a digital first platform. Since then, the Daily 49er has made some big changes. We’ve become more accessible to our audience by producing more videos, redesigning our print newspaper and having a stronger presence on social media. And while we’ve done all that, our biggest change is what you’re seeing today — a shiny new website. There’s nothing that screams archaic like an outdated website, so we’ve done our best to bring our readers a platform that’s intuitive, minimalistic and most importantly: a resource for the campus and city of Long Beach.

I’d like to thank the staff, advisers and students who have worked for months to help make this website a reality: Jonathan Garza, Andrew Myer, Samantha Diaz, Austin Brumblay and Paula Kiley.

We’ve been working diligently on this website and there are still a few kinks to work out so please bear with us through this process. This new site will help the Daily 49er deliver the best campus news in creative new ways. So, keep checking in with us as we grow and evolve.

See you all in the analytics!

Kat Schuster, Editor in Chief

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