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Spring at LBSU brings a swarm of bees near student lounging area

A hive of bees was removed from the westside second floor of the University Student Union on Thursday after students voiced their concern.

The swarm situated itself along the blue tarp over the patio where many students gather to eat. Associated Students Inc. was quick to tape off the location.

Additionally, ASI posted several flyers around the area and warned people to be cautious of  the hive.

ASI safety coordinator Jesse Avella said the swarm of bees was not an unusual sight on campus.

“It’s definitely happened here before,” he said. “It’s has to be seasonal, when a new queen bee wants to move somewhere else.”

Senior student Lori Moreno said she had not seen the hive but did see a couple of bees around the area. She also added that she hoped they had been dealt with safely.

“I’m actually at the USU at least once a week,” Moreno said. “I’m surprised I didn’t actually see it. Some people may be scared, but I hope they didn’t hurt them.”

Avella reassured that the bees had been dealt with humanely. He explained that in such situations, exterminators are called in. Once the bees are deemed harmless, they are relocated.

“They get a type of container, and because they’re in a bundle, they just pop them in the container and take them to a safer place,” Avella said.

Furthermore, Avella reiterated  ASI had quickly worked to remove the hive in order to prevent any situations of allergic reactions.

“Our main concern is to always keep the student safe because we don’t know who may be affected and we wouldn’t want anything to happen. As far as I know no one was stung,” Avella said.

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