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CSULB is considering changing student emails

Long Beach State might be taking steps to improve file sharing between students and employees by changing student emails in December. 

The separate email domain, made solely for students, was created to differentiate faculty and student accounts; however, the email systems are not compatible with certain programs. 

According to Greg Hosilyk, information technology manager for the liberal arts department, switching student emails to would allow both faculty and students to collaborate better using shared resources. 

Student emails will be wiped clean of any previous documents, emails and attachments if the domains are merged together according to Hosilyk. 

Emmanuel Karam, a junior and hospitality management major, expressed that he preferred when students were able to use their personal emails.

“Sometimes I didn’t get notifications and it takes a while to load up and getting used to,” Karam said. 

Karam finds the changes are happening too soon as students are just getting used to the system originally implemented. 

Alyssa Vazquez, a junior civil engineering major, said she enjoys the organization that comes with having the student emails. 

“Personally I think having a separate school email can be extremely helpful with distinguishing between personal and work agendas and then school agendas,” Vazquez said. 

Bryon Jackson, director of service management and operations, said that the change in emails is not something CSULB is ready to announce as the decision is still in the process of being reviewed and worked on. 

“It’s something that we are seriously considering, but there’s a lot of technical issues and moving parts,” Jackson said. “Our goal is to merge the two and provide greater access to what Microsoft has to offer for both employees and students.” 

Students may see changes to their student emails in December at the earliest, but there is no set date.

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