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CSULB set to rebuild Hillside service center and housing office

The Hillside College Dormitory service center and the CSULB housing office are being rebuilt as a part of the new residence hall that was announced in May.

The buildings have been temporarily relocated to portables near parking lot G3.

“The service center and housing offices are really a part of a much bigger picture,” said Executive Director of Housing, Corry Collona.

During the spring semester of 2018, it was announced that CSULB will be providing new residence halls on the corner of Earl Warren Drive and Atherton.

The new halls will try to maximize sunlight and will have 472 beds, hammock stands and outdoor space available for all students.

“I just heard that they were going to build new dorms which I think is awesome because housing is so impacted,” said fourth-year theater major AJ Murphy.

Originally the housing offices were going to remain in the same location and be apart of the new halls, but in order to maximize space, the housing office will no longer remain there.

About 1,205 people were waitlisted for housing this semester which is what prompted Collona and the housing team to maximize as much space.

The new housing office will be built in place of the Hillside service center and a new commons area will be built for Hillside College residents.

“We are trying to be thoughtful about how we can improve the other buildings and provide students with amenities that are in the new place,” Collona said.

Collona said that other renovations have taken place for the three other residence halls. It may go unnoticed, but many basic amenities are being upgraded so that every dormitory building is still being maintenanced.

No official statement was made about the relocation of either office nor about the construction, but Collona said that students were informed at orientation.

“I wish they had told us, and I hope they are considerate of students’ sleep and studying needs,” Murphy said.

Collona said that all students are invited to attend the official groundbreaking ceremony Sept. 27 that will mark the start of construction on the new residence hall that is set to finish June 2021.

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