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Crime Blotter: A damaged unicycle, suspicious activity and impounded vehicles

Traffic Accident

A vehicle collided with a Long Beach State student’s unicycle in lot E8 Sept. 16. The student jumped off the unicycle before it was hit by the vehicle. The unicycle was damaged and the student was able to escape with a non-serious knee injury. Authorities checked on the student, but they refused any additional help. The driver fled the scene before the unicycle owner could get any information from them.

Vehicle Impounds

Two cars were impounded from CSULB student parking lots for expired registrations,Sept. 18. The first was a 2016 Nissan 4-door in lot G11 and the other was a 2018 4-door Mercedes Benz. Neither of the vehicle owners were present when the cars were taken. They’ll have to pay an undisclosed amount to get their cars out of the impound, according to Police Capt. John Brockie.

Suspicious Activity

There was a suspicious person roaming around State University Drive and Palo Verde Avenue around 9 p.m. on Sept. 18. The person was described as a Hispanic female with a thin build and brown hair. The University Police Department received a call informing them about the woman and were able to get to her quickly. The woman had no affiliation with CSULB so officers escorted her off campus.

A suspicious vehicle was reported outside of the Outpost Grill the morning of Sept. 19. The red sports car was driving slowly outside the Outpost building, then sped off at approximately 80 mph, according to a witness. UPD officers searched for the vehicle, but  were unable to find the car that was described. 


The driver’s side of a 2017 Kia sedan was damaged when it was struck by another vehicle in lot G1 on Sept. 17. The owner of the Kia noticed the damage in the afternoon, when they returned from their classes. The incident was reported to the UPD, but there are currently no suspects.

Another hit-and-run incident took place on Sept. 18 in lot G11. The owner of a 2017 Ford walked into the UPD and reported damage to the driver’s side doors and the rear wheel well. The owner believed a blue car ran into his vehicle, based on blue marks on the damaged side of the car. There are no other leads or suspects.

False Alarm

UPD officers rushed to the Parkside College Dormitory after a fire alarm went off on Sept. 18, around 9 p.m. The smoke detectors were still going off when the officers arrived, but there was no smoke in or around the building. After speaking to dorm residents, officers determined it a false alarm and went on their way.

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