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CSULB classrooms unable to be locked despite ‘credible threat’

Students reported that numerous doors at Long Beach State could not be locked during Monday’s shelter-in-place order

Many tried and were unable to lock building doors during what police described as a “credible threat” to those on campus.

Those in the rooms with locks that did not engage resorted to securing doors with chairs, podiums and belts.

According to Jeff Cook, chief communications officer for CSULB, the university is “in the process of a $500,000 investment to add locks to those doors currently without them.”

Students took to Twitter to express their concerns with the currently inability to lock doors.

One of the rooms affected was a lecture hall with four doors and approximately 120 students.

Several students expressed anger including third-year communications major Lilly Montero.

Montero tweeted, “As a student who just spent an entire class hour terrified in a lecture hall with 3 exists, none of which lock… an infrastructure update is needed.” 

Montero as described the shelter-in-place as “emotionally taxing and terrifying.”

University Police Chief Fernando Solorzano declined to comment on the issue. 


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