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Long Beach State student in custody after sending email threatening violence

A Long Beach State student was detained by the University Police Department after sending an email threatening violence Monday, authorities said. 

The email prompted the university to issue a shelter-in-place at 3:48 p.m. for students and faculty on campus. According to UPD Chief of Police Fernando Solorzano, the threat was received around 2:10 p.m. and was deemed credible.  

Solorzano said the suspect had an appointment at the Bob Murphy ACCESS Center “so that’s where the focus was.” He did not comment if the student was on campus. The threat of violence didn’t involve weapons and is still under investigation, he said.  

“Law enforcement will pursue all legal options,” Provost Brian Jersky said in a press conference. 

Solorzano declined to identify the suspect. 

Solorzano said that the suspect was detained without struggle. He added that UPD determined that the threat was an isolated incident and not tied to the threat that occurred last May. 


A student at Peterson Hall looks out into the Free Speech Lawn during the shelter-in-place, Oct. 7.

Austin Brumblay/Daily Forty-Niner

The 3:48 p.m. BeachALERT read “This is not a drill, we will share updates as they become available.”

An all clear was issued by UPD at 4:42 p.m.   

According to a staff member at the University Center for Undergraduate Advising, the student allegedly sent the email to the advising center threatening the university.


UPD Officers monitor the Bob Murphy ACCESS Center during the campus-wide shelter-in-place, Oct. 7.

Austin Brumblay/Daily Forty-Niner

 Students expressed concern about security at CSULB.

“I didn’t necessarily feel safe on campus already because of last semester and the lack of response…I’m grateful [UPD] sent out the lockdown warning,” said Erin Haworth, fourth-year English major. “My level of trust in [the] campus is very low right now.”


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