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Update: CSULB student that threatened to ‘shoot up the school’ released on bail

The Long Beach State student suspected of the shooting threat that occurred Monday, Prateek Devulpally, is in the process of being released on bond, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department.

Devulpally, 18, was transferred to the Los Angeles Inmate Reception Center around noon today when he posted the bail. He is facing felony charges of criminal threats and using computer services without permission, according to Jeff Cook, vice president of strategic communications for the school.

“[He is] currently in the release processing portion,” said Deputy Navarro from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department.

Devulpally is expected to be in court on Oct. 31 at 8:30 a.m. at the Long Beach Municipal Court.

Devulpally’s next court date will be Oct. 31, according to the Los Angeles inmate information center.

He was arrested Oct 8. around 2 p.m. at Peterson Hall 1 for threatening violence against the school, according to Cook.

Devulpally confessed to using another student’s email account to send the threat. The University Police Department mistakenly detained the female student after the incident on Oct. 7.

“In the email it said he threatened to ‘shoot up the school,'” Police Capt. John Brockie said.

A shelter-in-place was forced on campus from 3:48 p.m. to 4:22 p.m. on Oct. 7 due to the threats made in the email. Brockie said that UPD did not believe that the suspect would carry out the threat.

There is no relation between the female student and Devulpally, according to Brockie.

“The female suspect detained yesterday is working with the University Police Department and supports prosecution of Devulpally for creating and sending the threat from her email account,” Cook said. “Through a diligent investigation, University Police detectives were able to determine the female detained did not generate the email threat.”

UPD withheld female student’s name because Brockie said she is considered a victim. She was detained and interviewed for a “short period of time” Oct. 7, but she wasn’t booked. Brockie said that the school knows how the female student’s email was accessed, but chose not to disclose the information.

Editor in chief Austin Brumblay contributed to this article.


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    Well that was fast

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    So was this dumba$$ trying to get out of a midterm or what? I just don’t understand why he would even make the treat in the first place…

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