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Where did the planters at the CSULB Nugget go?

The planters have been recently removed from outside The Nugget Grill & Pub on campus.

Known not only for their ambiance, but for providing fresh herbs for the 49er Shops, the disappearance of the planters was sudden. The installation of the pillars were part of a new garden effort to create new produce for the 49er Shops. 

Unfortunately, it was not sustainable, according to Rosa Hernandez-Henderson, director of human resources for the 49er Shops.

In reality, this effort was noble but too costly, and not sustainable,” Hernandez-Henderson said. “We learned early on that the cost to support and maintain the garden was too high, and unrealistic long term.”

Last fall semester, the 49er Shops partnered with a third party organization to promote an urban aeroponics garden outside of the Nugget.

The initial intent was that all produce would serve the entire University Dining Plaza, with all of the produce coming from the garden. But Clint Campbell, the facilities manager for the 49er Shops, said the costs eventually proved to be too much.

“It wasn’t a single day process,” Campbell said. “Rather it was a continuous evaluation of the program’s yield and cost.”

Vendors were given notice of the upcoming changes in the first week of September.

CSULB will continue to search for alternative organic options on campus. 

Hernandez-Henderson said the 49er Shops as an organization loved the garden, and are committed to sustainability as well as “doing their part” on campus.

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