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CSULB professors consider cancelling class prior to fall break

Some are canceling class. Others are holding class. And others are hinting that students can go ahead and start their vacation early. 

Long Beach State professors are considering canceling Monday and Tuesday classes during Thanksgiving week to accommodate students who are taking a week-long fall break.

CSULB changed fall vacation this year to three days rather than the usual five, disappointing students who were planning to celebrate the entire week of Thanksgiving with their families. This is the first year CSULB has reduced fall break to three days since 2015. 


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“It’s bad because there are people who are counting on the break, not only for what Thanksgiving means but for having a break to go home for the holiday,” said third-year pre-illustration major Victoria Ftizsimons. ”On the other hand, [cutting the break] implies that Thanksgiving isn’t really as significant anymore.” 

Fall break this year begins on Wednesday, Nov. 27, the day before Thanksgiving. 

Many students are planning to take the whole week off regardless, causing professors to scramble with moving exams for the weeks before and after the holiday.

“After several requests from students to take exams early due to familial obligations during the fall break, I decided that it would be logistically appropriate to reschedule our exams,” said Elaine Bernal, a chemistry professor with a doctorate in educational leadership.

CSULB administrators have suggested that these schedule changes are considered by both the campus academic calendar committee and President Jane Close Conoley. 

When designing calendars, the university is responsible for offering a minimum amount of instructional days, according to Chief Communications Officer Jeff Cook. 

“My teacher told us we could cancel class for that Monday and take our exam early…or be required to show up [during Thanksgiving week] for the review,” said second-year international business major Sierra Allen. “We chose to pull it up.”

Many professors are insistent on students showing up for class, as they feel the extra days of fall break are unnecessary. 

“There’s nothing about the Thanksgiving holiday that should even be acknowledged as a holiday,” said Larry Smith, a film and electronic arts professor and member of the Lumbee Nation. “If you actually take the time to learn the actual story, Americans would understand that Thanksgiving is rooted in systemic and perpetual acts of violence by colonists, by invaders, toward indigenous peoples.”

Several professors have hinted at canceling class, but have yet to announce an official cancellation. 

Students have expressed mixed feelings toward the three-day break, with many deciding it is not worth it to skip class Monday and Tuesday. 

“Personally, I don’t think the break is too short,” said fourth-year comparative world literature major Daniel Gallo. “None of my teachers are canceling class for the two days. I will be going to classes both days because I already missed too much, and my Tuesday class ends at 12 so I will be heading home that day.”

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