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CSULB student accused of threatening the university facing 5 years

Prateek Devulpally, whose email threat led to a campus-wide shelter-in-place order Oct. 7, could face up to five years in state prison, according to Long Beach District Attorney Everett Emerson.

However, the student’s lawyer Richard Poland said Devulpally is currently getting treatment and he and his family are worried about how the possible outcome of the case could affect his life and future.

“He’s never done anything violent in his life,”  Poland said. “With any luck at all, everything will turn out okay for him and his family.”

Devulpally pled not guilty to the four felony counts he is facing: three charges of criminal threats and one count of false personation.

On Oct. 7 Devulpally allegedly sent an email from another student’s account threatening to “shoot up the school” according to university officials. CSULB was placed under lockdown for just under an hour before the all-clear was issued.

There was significant panic from students and staff because many classrooms did not have doors that locked from the inside. Devulpally was arrested at Peterson Hall 1 on Oct. 8.

Devulpally and his parents declined to comment about the situation at the preliminary court conference on Nov. 8.

“If convicted, he would be what we call a ‘three striker,’ and if he were to commit another violent crime he could go away for life,” Poland said. “He’s barely 18, so the rest of his life is a long time.”

Devulpally will appear in court for his preliminary hearing Nov. 22 at the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse.

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