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California Democratic Party Convention comes to Long Beach

The California Democratic Party hosted its party convention at the Long Beach Convention Center Nov. 15 through Nov. 17, the event held many prominent politicians as well their enthusiastic supporters.

For three days Democratic caucuses came together to talk about the policy priorities they’d be pushing for in regards to state and national agendas.

Around 5,000 people attended the convention who primarily consisted of delegates and volunteers., Most looked to get involved in the democratic process and show support for candidates and policies. 

“My mom’s undocumented, so I feel like as being a citizen to this country I owed it to her and her struggles…to give her a voice,” said assembly district delegate Victoria Hungerford-Hurst. 

The 3,000 delegates that attended the event used this time to meet up with their fellow caucus members, using the convention hall’s rooms to discuss their general policy stances.

Groups like the Chicano Latino Caucus met to discuss ethnic studies and whether it should be more widely offered and required in schools.

Caucuses also made room for prominent names in the political industry to have their voices heard, such as Democratic primary candidate Tom Steyer and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“We need to get to Black and brown communities and get leadership to actually design policies [to assist them],” Steyer said at the caucus in regards to helping solve pollution in underprivileged areas. 

The three days also consisted of political discourse that centered around what the next Democratic president should focus on. 

”The issue we need to realize is that some people are gonna vote for Donald Trump because they like [him],” Democratic primary candidate Marianne Williamson said. “We have to reach out to the millions of people who did not vote or [voted for Trump] and let us inspire [those] Americans.”

On the convention floor were dozens of volunteers for Democratic candidates that felt impassioned to voice their concerns. Most of the floor was filled with booths for presidential candidates with supporters.

Outspoken supporters for Kamala Harris flocked around the halls of the convention center, saying “it’s time for a woman president.” 

Most groups did not take that direct of an approach, but that did not stop them from voicing their political desires. 

Biden volunteer Suzan Azghandi explained her support of the former vice president.

“I want someone with experience,” she said. “Especially with working with republicans in the Senate, he proved that he is working hard for it.” 

Beyond his political experience, Azghandi said that she views Biden as a competitive candidate for the 2020 election.

Another major concern for Azghandi is victory in the 2020 election, and she thinks Biden stands the best chance.

“I want someone who can beat Trump,” she said.

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