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Assisted parking program returns to CSULB

The assisted parking program is being continued for spring semester at Long Beach State after it was first implemented in the fall semester.

Empire Parking Lot Services has returned from last semester with attendants in lots G6 and G7 to provide valet service for students looking for assistance parking their cars during the busy first weeks of school.

Last semester, the company’s introduction to the school was marred by multiple accidents, damaged cars and angry students. 

Damian Davis, 45, worked for Empire last semester and has returned despite the issues that arose last fall.

“We got new people, it’s a new semester,” Davis said.

The mishaps, Davis said, can be attributed to a lack of training and education of newly hired employees.

“We’ve been giving them the facts of what to do and what not to do,” Davis said.

Gregory Ramirez, 37, also worked the lots last semester, and returned for another.

“So far it’s been running smooth,” Ramirez said. “Definitely not as overwhelming as the last [semester].”

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