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Parking tips from CSULB parking department

Parking remains a topic of contention at Long Beach State, but Parking and Transportation Services has tweeted tips to help students with the process. 

Even though assisted parking has been used for the past two semesters, students still report that finding parking is difficult, especially during the first weeks of the semester. 

Parking and Transportation Services ended assisted parking Feb. 6 

“Recent parking surveys have shown that Lots G8 and G9 often have spaces available in addition to the upper levels of each parking structure,” a campus-wide email stated. 

The tweets share where to find parking, like in the Pyramid Parking Structure. Other tips include noting that the  employee parking lots are open to students after 5:30 p.m. and Electric Vehicle Charger parking spaces are open to all cars after 10 a.m. in Lot G7. 

Amy Gerety, interim director of parking and transportation services, said the department uses different forms of communication to keep students informed.

Twitter and Instagram are often used to reiterate messages we send via email to students because we have noticed that students may see social media posts more frequently,” Gerety said. “We hoped that it would be helpful to students.”

Chad Keller, digital content specialist, said the decision behind using social media is based on helping students navigate their way through parking lots.

“We developed the tips to help raise student awareness of all the different services and lot privileges available to students that they might not be aware of,” Keller said. “With better knowledge of what is available on campus, our hope is that students could then make better use of those services and the lot regulations and improve their overall student experience on campus.” 

Keller added that the social media initiative appears to be successful.

“Our response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Keller said. “The comments and direct messages we receive on both Twitter and Instagram have been from students grateful for the information.”

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