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CSULB professor speaks about racial unity in South Central

Abigail Rosas spoke about her book “South Central is Home: Race and the Power of Community Investment in Los Angeles,” Wednesday, in which she wrote about the hidden Latinx community within a predominantly Black population.

A Chicano Latino studies professor, Rosas was the inaugural speaker of Latinx Diálogos, a program sponsored by the Chicano Latino studies department that hosts book talk series’ that feature authors who write about Latinx culture.

“It’s the nuance of the Black and Latino relationship,” Rosas said. “We don’t have to be talking, but we can coexist.”

Rosas’ parents are Mexican immigrants who came to South Central in the ‘70s. Her lack of education of Latinx history prompted her to study the topic further. 

She said she saw people like her around the community, but she didn’t see them in the media. 

“I don’t see people like my parents in the textbooks,” Rosas said. 

Rosas acknowledged racial tension isn’t an easy thing to experience, but she remains hopeful that communities can come together in understanding. 

“Every time I hear her voice I feel a sense of validation,” said Brenda Gallegos, a graduate student studying social and culture analysis of education. “It needs to be acknowledged that the racial tension is still there.”

The next event for the Latinx Diálogos series will feature Maria Rendón on April 8 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in UTC 101.

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