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CSULB student under investigation for racist video

A Long Beach State student is currently under investigation by school administrators for a video on Twitter that showed her making racist and threatening comments toward Mexican immigrants.

The student created her own lyrics to the tune of “Crazy Rap” by Afroman. One line of her rendition of the song went, “Get out out out of here, you’re not wanted in America. If your women and drugs just don’t sell, your head on a spike will.”

President Jane Close Conoley said the dean of the College of Business immediately contacted the Diversity and Equity Office upon learning about the video.

“Obviously, everything on that video is abhorrent to our values,” Conoley said. “I am ashamed to have it connected to the Beach in any way. My hope is that the creator, after a year of studying at Long Beach State, is equally ashamed.”

According to Jeff Cook, vice president of strategic communications, the video may have been made over a year ago when the student was in high school.

CSULB administration was alerted to the video after Twitter users and students became outraged and reached out to the school. 

One user, who doesn’t attend CSULB, emailed Assistant Vice President of the Office of Equity & Diversity Larisa Hamada who said the matter is under review.

Many Twitter users are calling for the student’s expulsion.

The investigation is underway, but according to Hamada, she cannot share the status of the case due to student privacy laws.


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    Benjamin Dover

    Who gives a rat’s ass what some random student says? She won’t be disciplined due to the 1st Amendment. Get over it; people say shit and you don’t always agree. Good training for the real world where you can’t run to tattle to the teacher.

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    Dale Lendrum

    I do not condone these types or behaviors. I’m not a fan of our current US President. And only common decency can Make America Great Again. That being said, and in the interest of fairness and equity (See Friere), wether she learned her lesson or not it will be hard for her to continue her education at the Beach now that she has been so widely identified and publicly shamed. I’m also concerned that we had an ASI Senator who was personally subjected to such concerning (I won’t use the word “threatening” loosely) behavior, on and off campus, by fellow students earlier this semester, that the Campus Police felt the need to conduct a “welfare check” upon this Senator. (This was publicly stated in Senate). But in this instance the victim was white and those exhibiting the concerning behavior were not. So why does one deserve more attention than the other when they are both concerning? When we fail to address things in a fair and balanced manner, we serve to perpetuate that which we claim to fight. Oppression and oppressive behaviors. Amen? In aloha.

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    This is a disgrace. And here I was so proud of our students being a welcoming diverse community. Now I feel like there’s probably a LOT more of this b***s*** floating around our campus if she thinks she can just say these types of remarks. Like what did you think was gonna happen sis? I hope the school does get rid of her. She’s disgracing the school and bringing it down and making me feel embarrassed for ever saying it’s such a welcoming school when there might be other ignorant entitled people here just like this one. People like her make the US a #s***holecountry #trumpsfinest

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    A minority can punch an old white lady in the face and put her in a coma and it wouldn’t get as much attention as a white person calling somebody a name.

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    Dale Lendrum

    According to one ASI Senator this past year, what students post their on social media is their right.

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    Dale Lendrum

    As someone who has had members of student organizations publicly make bigoted, hate-filled, and derogatory remarks about me and my ethnicity this year, this type of behavior, permissible or not, remains unacceptable but just a small example of underlying issues of race and ethnicity among our student populace.

  8. Avatar
    Marissa G.

    *threats (it says treats) 😬

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