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Shark mascot to finally make its debut fall 2020

Long Beach State will officially adopt its new mascot, the shark, come fall 2020 semester, university officials said.

The search for a new mascot began in spring 2019 after the university’s long-standing symbol, Prospector Pete, was retired.

Originally planned to debut this semester, university officials decided to postpone the new mascot’s debut due to coronavirus-related campus closures.

Long Beach State’s athletics program will maintain its identity of “Beach Athletics.”


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    Such a pitiful episode in the history of my school. 49er FOR LIFE

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    Pete Boothroyd

    This is crazy. LBSU is not the Sharks. At a time when the University is asking Alumni for $$, it is smashing them in the face with the Shark. None of the alumni wanted to lose Prospector Pete. Many stopped contributing to the athletic fund because of this ill advised move. This move will just add fuel to the fire.

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