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University of California system to fully eliminate ACT and SAT by 2025

University of California regents voted Thursday to eliminate SAT and ACT requirements for California students by 2025.

The UC system approved President Janet Napolitano’s five-year plan to phase out the SAT and ACT tests and instead move toward a UC-specialized test.

Standardized testing requirements will be suspended through 2024 before being fully dropped by 2025.

According to Napolitano’s plan, ACT and SAT tests will be optional for the next two years until being fully phased out in the following two years. If the UC system fails to implement its own test by 2025, the system will begin admitting students based on high school grades and a few other factors.

Moving forward, it is unclear whether college applicants from other states and countries may continue to use the ACT and SAT until the UC system has created its own version.

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