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Long Beach Transit no longer offering subsidized bus pass or Los Coyotes Shuttle

Long Beach Transit is no longer offering the subsidized bus pass or the Los Coyotes shuttle for students or university employees, Long Beach State Parking and Transportation Services announced in a campus-wide email Tuesday.

In response to a $3.4 million loss from coronavirus-related changes, Long Beach Parking and Transportation Services said there is no longer enough funding to continue with the subsidized bus pass program or the Los Coyotes shuttle.

The changes, according to the email, included loss of revenue from parking permits being refunded, the cancelation of campus events and the transition to alternative instruction.

To replace the Los Coyotes shuttle, LBT will be implementing new services beginning fall 2020 for CSULB students and employees.

Students will be able to access a new LBT discount student pass beginning fall 2020 that is half the cost of the regular student pass.

The new $100 pass will be a 150-day discounted bus pass to accommodate qualified students and employees for five months. In addition, LBT will be offering a 30-day monthly pass for $40.

Moving forward, CSULB will continue to sell passes on campus and students, faculty and staff, and participants will be able to access LBT buses seven days a week for unlimited trips.

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