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Parking and Transportation Services announces new monthly parking permit, lots to be closed for fall 2020

Parking and Transportation Services shared via email on Wednesday that there will be significant changes to different parking programs on campus.

The department will be offering a $40-per-month parking permit that will grant students the same access a normal parking permit would, without the $175-per-semester price tag, which is a $20 increase from last academic year. This will allow students “greater flexibility” when they choose to come to campus to avoid paying the $10 daily fee each visit.

Other parking permit price changes include a $25 increase for residential permits, an $8 increase for community permits and a $20 increase for motorcycle permits.

Parking and Transportation Services provides its prices over the last four academic years. Other price changes can be found on their website. Credit: Parking and Transportation Services.

Electrical vehicle charging station fees will also increase from 25 cents per kilowatt to 29 cents per kilowatt for faculty, staff and students. 

When looking for parking, however, students and faculty will have less options as many of the parking lots will be closed in attempts to “increase campus security.” 

Lots G6, G5, G13, G1, E1 and E11 will be closed for the fall 2020 semester. The Walter Pyramid parking structure and the Palo Verde North and the Palo Verde South parking structures will also be closed. All other lots will be open for parking.

Parking lots and structures that will be closed for the fall 2020 semester are denoted by the red caution symbols. Buildings that are expected to be closed are also denoted on the map. Credit: Parking and Transportation Services.

As announced on May 26, the Los Coyotes shuttle route has been terminated. Other shuttles, including the Beachside shuttle, the West Loop shuttle, the East Loop shuttle and the Campus Tripper, will not be running during the fall 2020 semester due to a decrease in students on campus and an attempt to maintain social distancing standards.

All public transportation services to campus will be overseen by Long Beach Transit. 

In the past, LBT offered students a fee waiver for shuttle passes. The waiver will not be offered for the fall semester; instead, a 30-day unlimited pass will be offered at $40 and a 150-day unlimited pass for $100. 

Rideshare and Guaranteed Ride Home, two ridesharing services previously offered to faculty only, will now be available for students. Both programs are part of the department’s initiative to encourage cleaner transportation to and from campus.

Parking and Transportation Services asked that all non-essential travel to campus be postponed for the coming semester, but reminded everyone that paid parking is required at all times. 

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