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Vehicle collision occurs in front of CSULB

A two-vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of West Campus Drive and East Seventh Street at 9:43 p.m. Wednesday evening, according to Police Lieutenant Gary DePhillippo of the Long Beach Police Department.

The collision occurred when one of the vehicles abruptly changed lanes to avoid another collision while traveling eastbound on Seventh St., and both drivers lost control of their vehicles.

According to DePhillippo, the first vehicle struck the second vehicle, causing major damage to both, which led both vehicles involved to be towed away from the scene.

One of the drivers claimed to have minor pain after the incident but did not require medical attention. DePhillippo maintained that alcohol was not a factor in the collision. 

Campus police officers were on the scene in addition to four LBPD officers, according to Captain Richard Goodwin of the Long Beach State University Police Department, but left the scene as the incident was under the LBPD’s jurisdiction. 

DePhillippo said that alcohol was not a factor in the accident, but an investigation is still ongoing.

Julia Terbeche, news editor, contributed to this article.

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