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Air at Long Beach State campus deemed “unhealthy”

Campus officials sent out an alert message to the Long Beach State community Monday warning those on and near the campus of the unhealthy air conditions.

According to the BeachALERT message, the air quality index exceeded 150.

The National Weather Service categorizes levels of air quality based upon how much pollution can be measured in a sample. Monday’s air quality level reached the red zone, meaning the air was considered “unhealthy.”

Much of the west coast of California, as well asOregon and Washington, is currently on fire, with nearly 15 active blazes according to the Cal Fire.

According to the email, older adults, children and individuals with preexisting medical conditions are cautioned to avoid outdoor activity for extended periods of time.

Others are being cautioned to limit strenuous activity outdoors and wait for better air quality.

Those working outdoors on campus will be given an N95 respirator upon request and will be required to undergo training before being issued the respirator. 

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