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CSULB campus officials not monitoring COVID-19 regulations, mask wearing or social distancing not being enforced

Although Long Beach State has implemented social distancing and mask regulations in accordance with Los Angeles County Health Department guidelines, these mandates are not being enforced on campus, according to University Police Department Captain Richard Goodwin.

Goodwin said mask and distancing regulations should not be considered “enforcement,” but rather an opportunity for the police department to educate those who are not wearing masks.

“If students are not wearing masks within the classroom, the faculty has direction as to how to handle these situations if the student does not comply,” he said. 

While any CSULB students coming to campus are required to complete a COVID-19 pre-screening prior to arrival, Angela Conte, Student Health Services director of operations said that Student Health Services only receives “prescreens that indicate a concern.” 

Conte said that select health center staff members monitor the screening process with oversight from herself, along with Kimberly Fodran, medical director and Kristen Fabiszewski, assistant medical director.

“We then move forward with contacting the individual and determining, per LA County Department of Public Health guidelines, whether the individual is cleared to report to campus or not,” Conte said.

President Jane Close Conoley said earlier in the semester that the university will be closed to the public in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. 

University police, however, will not be responding to calls regarding students or visitors not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing standards, according to Goodwin. 

The decision came after campus administrators discussed how to ensure all campus-goers followed regulations, particularly regarding students refusing to wear masks, and decided to place the Division of Student Affairs in charge of this issue.

“Student Affairs will be able to accomodate the faculty should the situation arise that a student is not wearing a mask,” Goodwin said. 

Beth Lesen, Vice President of Student Affairs, said that student compliance for mask wearing is expected, according to the school’s face covering policy.

According to the policy, if students who are coming to campus do not wear face coverings and do not have an exemption, they may be asked to leave.

  “Students are expected to follow face covering requirements at all times when on campus,” the policy read. “Efforts will be made to educate, encourage and persuade individuals to wear face coverings whenever possible.”

The policy will remain in effect until further notice, Lesen said.


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