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ASI’s survey results indicate dissatisfaction with remote learning at CSULB

Preliminary results from Associated Students, Inc.’s online learning survey indicated that most students are dissatisfied with remote learning, ASI Senate discussed at its meeting Wednesday.  

The survey, which closes Friday, Oct. 2, asks students to rate their remote learning experience and list any specific concerns they think need to be addressed. As of Sept. 25, 546 students have completed the survey, according to ASI Treasurer Adriana Andrade.  

“The preliminary results were a majority slightly bad experience with online education,” Andrade said. “Some of the key concerns that we noticed… were difficulty with the virtual format and professors struggling to adapt to virtual instruction.” 

Students reported having difficulty staying motivated during remote instruction and communicating with instructors and peers outside of the classroom, according to Andrade. She also said that some students are concerned with testing practices like the use of LockDown Browser, which is a web browser that prevents access to features like going to other websites, switching applications and taking screenshots.

Andrade said that the way exams are administered is up to the discretion of individual professors.  

Shivam Srivastava, ASI senator for natural science and math, said that some students are still being required to keep their webcams on during instruction despite this being a violation of school policies. 

Piya Bose, dean of students, urged students to report these instances to division chairs so the issue can be rectified.

According to Isaac Julian, academic affairs officer, students are concerned with the overall impact that remote learning is having on their education, the quality of education they are receiving remotely and their ability to retain information.

College of Arts Senator Billy Rubi said that students are concerned with their course loads and what some students are calling “busy work” being assigned that is not outlined in their course syllabi.

ASI Chief Justice Greg Figuroa said that students are requesting a uniform method to the grade appeals process. Each department has different protocols for the appeals process, he said, and is working to create a link on the Single Sign On student portal to initiate the appeals process and receive consultation.

Also facing difficulty with remote instruction, international students are struggling to find accommodations for differing time zones and lack of access to some software.

CSULB will not be extending the deadline of the pass or fail grading option as it did during the spring 2020 semester, according to Bose.

“Since we started this semester with the timeline that students knew that everything was going to be virtual for this semester, Enrollment Services has maintained the timeline for those options,” Bose said.

The 49er Shops Board of Directors has chosen to discontinue its contracts with Panda Express, Squeeze Me and Starbucks due to costs related to maintenance and loss of revenue, according to ASI Vice President Maythe Alderete Gonzales. Sales have decreased by 81% and the majority of revenue is currently coming from the 49er Shops Bookstore, which is only receiving 50% of its usual revenue.  

Revenue from the residence halls has also decreased by 91% following a decline in on-campus housing population.   

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