Hundreds march to “reopen Long Beach”

Around 200 people marched down East Second Street Wednesday afternoon as a part of a march organized by the Long Beach Restaurant Association calling for an end to the coronavirus regulations being implemented in the city.

The Long Beach Health Department announced that outdoor dining programs, which once allowed Long Beach eateries to thrive, would be terminated Wednesday.

All gatherings, public and private, outside of immediate household members are also prohibited, per the order.

Nicky Claire, owner of George’s Greek Cafe, said she attended the march to represent her business.

“We just want to get our city back up and running and get our staff employed and bring business back to the city,” Claire said.

The group marched along Marina Drive and onto Second Street, escorted by Long Beach Police Department officers.

Elise Easom, a Long Beach resident, said she wants to see the city reopen “safely.”

“I think that taking the best precautions that we can, making sure that our hospitals aren’t overloaded, is really the only solution,” Easom said. “We have to keep students and their education alive, and we have to keep businesses alive and the economy alive.”

The crowd consisted mainly of local restaurant workers, owners and residents who expressed frustration with the changing status of COVID-19 regulations.

“I’m over here fighting for our jobs and for our families, and the holidays are coming and now most of us are going broke,” T, executive chef at Gladstone’s, said. “I know there’s a pandemic going on, but also there’s people that are in poverty right now, especially people that work in the restaurant industry.”

He expressed his concerns with the ban on indoor and outdoor dining, stating that coronavirus regulations are negatively affecting the restaurant’s business and its workers.

“We have no income coming in, and the government isn’t doing enough for us,” T said. “We need to reopen Long Beach again.”


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    Erick Garcia

    It’s hard to see all these businesses and the people that depend on them suffering from closures. I worry about some of my favorite spots shutting down permanently along with worrying about my own job because of this pandemic. Really wish more people would take personal responsibility in regards to social distancing, avoiding unnecessary gatherings, and properly wearing masks in order to avoid such drastic measures such as shutdowns. Unfortunately, it seems next to impossible to get everyone to pull in the same direction for the benefit of all. I see people on a daily basis ignoring social distancing (even when there are markers on the floor people can’t seem to figure out where to stand), or not properly wearing masks if at all. This very article has pictures of people wearing masks below their noses or as “chin diapers”. It really is a shame and the vaccine can’t come along soon enough.

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    All Sides Should Have To Show Data To Back Up, What They Are Saying About COIVD-19 On Outside Dining. This Is The Best Thing To Do. Show Who’s Right…. #socialmedia #csulb #community #longbeach #support #homelessness #nonprofit #longbeachcitycollege #covid19 #longbeachhealthdepartment #longbeachcityhall

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