Trump impeached for second time in historic vote

In an unprecedented move, President Donald J. Trump has been impeached for a second time for the “incitement of insurrection” against the United States government after the House of Representatives voted Wednesday.

The resolution to impeach Trump passed 232 to 197, with support from at least nine Republicans, charging the president for his role in provoking violence in last week’s riot on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress claimed the armed rebellion had occurred directly as a result of the president’s actions.

If Trump is in fact removed from office, Vice President Mike Pence would become the 46th President of the United States, making Biden the 47th.

Long Beach State political science professor Matt Lesenyie said he is doubtful that the president will be actually removed from office with the significant Republican presence in Congress.

“There is not enough political will to do so,” Lesenyie said. “If this was the response to Trump losing an election, it is not hard to foresee the riotous energy if he were removed from office. I think Republican representatives want to avoid further provocation and are hoping this week passes quickly and without any additional Trump headlines.”

He said he feels that the response to the president’s role in inciting the violence at the Capitol has been “incredible,” though it remains unfortunate that the House of Representatives had to reach the conclusion of impeachment twice for the same president.

“I think today’s House indictment follows logically from those events, but I’m saddened that our representatives were forced to hold the president accountable for a mutiny,” he said. “It is hard to fathom that any president would be in this position. I mean had the president simply played golf, as he usually does, he would not have been impeached. Yet, he came to work to mobilize an insurrection, Congress had to respond.”

Congress may move forward with convicting Trump at a trial, though this would occur after his term ends next week.

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