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Crime Blotter: Vaccination location, skaters and suspicious persons at CSULB

Point of Dispensing

Long Beach State’s University Police Department focused its efforts last week mainly on getting involved with the on-campus vaccination rollout and to ensure distribution was orderly, according to Capt. John Brockie.

“Helping our campus community safely in an efficient manner receive the vaccine,” Brockie said. “And what I was told is it went very smooth last week.”


With a mainly empty campus this spring, skaters have been roaming around almost everyday. Brockie maintained that there’s no real issue if they skate through campus, though, unless they risk an accident on campus or inflict property damage.

There have been no accidents or property damage from skaters so far, Brockie said.

Suspicious Persons

Calls have been frequently made about suspicious behavior, generally about individuals looking for unlocked vehicles in the parking lots, looking for food or checking for open buildings.

At this time, there have yet to be any serious incidents.

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    All the hand rails around campus are ruined by the skateboarders, the student union, la3 buildings, paint scratched off.

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