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ASI Senate pushes to address concerns regarding CSULB’s plus-minus grading system

Long Beach State’s Associated Students, Inc. Senate reported dismay among students regarding the university’s plan to implement a plus-and-minus grading policy, during its meeting Wednesday.

Many of the senators’ reports discussed how students felt “blindsided” in regards to the visibility of the policy, according to Greg Figueroa, ASI chief justice.

“It seems that there is a heavy disconnect between ASI and our initiatives as well as our different committees and the student bodies,” Figueroa said.

A survey has been sent to student’s emails regarding their thoughts and opinions on the policy. Over 9,000 students have been accounted for, according to Figueroa.

“We should definitely be trying to solve becoming more transparent with the students and making them more involved and trying to get as much student feedback,” Figueroa said.

Vice President Maythe Alderete Gonzalez, Academic Affairs Officer Isaac Julian and Figueroa have launched an educational campaign to address student confusion surrounding the policy.

The campaign is planning to host a session, either on Zoom or Instagram live, to address student concerns. The senate has yet to schedule an official date for the session.

“Of course, this has been on everyone’s mind, but plus-or-minus final grading policy and its impact on students has been quite a hot topic these past few weeks,” Figueroa said.

The policy, if implemented, will add a plus or minus to letter grades A, B, C and D to distinguish higher or lower performance rates. This alteration could impact students’ overall GPA.

Though the four-point grading scale remains in place at this time, things could change in the near future as ASI will be reviewing the policy on March 10.

During the meeting, Miles Nevin, ASI executive director, announced that the Wells Fargo kiosk on campus would no longer be in service after the company eliminated its leasing agreement with the university. CSULB is currently searching for another banking partner, Nevin said.

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