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CSULB ASI announces 2021 election results

In the second-ever virtual election, Associated Students Inc. government election officer, Helen Rodriguez , and ASI’s social media assistant, Jackie Jimenez, announced the results of the 2021-22 elections on Thursday via Instagram Live.

Jesus Gonzalez will serve as the next ASI President, winning 66.86% of the vote. Runner-up Shayan Hashemi received 33.14% of the vote. Lindsay Apaza will serve as Vice President after running unopposed.

“It’s hard to explain my emotions because this is a huge opportunity for me,” Gonzalez said. “As a first generation and undocumented student there are challenges that life gives me. This position opens up opportunities for me to continue to assist my peers. I’m excited, happy, glad, and curious about what I am able to accomplish and advocate for the needs of all students at Long Beach.”

The senators for the college of Liberal Arts are Millaray Ramirez after getting 75% of votes, and Salvador Peregrina with 58.6% of votes. Shelbi Felter will be the senator for the College of Education after running unopposed.

“I am truly honored to have been voted as senator for the college of liberal arts,” Peregrina said. “I hope to leave behind a better school environment than when I came in. I want to dedicate my time to helping the undocumented and LGBTQ communities as well as those that struggle with mental health. Bringing up these issues and making campus feel more welcoming to students is the impact I want to leave behind.”

Jose Raya Perez and Aquila Jacquette will serve as the senators for the College of Business after 54.93% and 48.66% of the votes, respectively.

I’m so honored and feel so emotionally overwhelmed by the students in the College of Business,” Jacquette said. “It is my goal to ensure that I am doing a service to them that is worthy of every vote. I look forward to getting into my seat and opening the lines of communication to ensure that the COB students are heard and well served.”

The senators at large for 2021-22 will be Karen Galindo, accumulating 66.63% of the votes, and Anthony Regina with 58.04%. Mitali Jain was unanimously reelected as the University Student Union Board of Trustees after running alone.

“When I found out I was elected senator at large, I was overwhelmed with excitement and proud of myself for making it this far,” Galindo said. “I was also very proud of all the candidates and campaigns workers that participated in this election.”

Galindo, a first generation college student, envisions CSULB as a unified school, with equal opportunities for everyone, especially minority groups.

“My top priorities as a senator at large are to work closely with organizations and programs and expand student input by providing additional resources that promote educational success,” Galindo said. “I hope to go above and beyond and push myself to meet the needs of all students on campus, especially during these difficult times.”

Regina, who has ran for an elected position five times in middle school and high school unsuccessfully, said he was “happy” and “grateful” for the win finally.

“When they announced that I won I was happy and grateful since it was my first ever election win,” said Regina, who has ran for the position five times unsuccessfully. “For those who think of quitting, don’t. Keep on pushing and work your way, never let anyone stop you.”

One of Regina’s top priorities as the senator at large elect will be to deal with the mental health of students at Long Beach.

“With everything that is going on right now, I feel like a lot of students are in need,” Regina said “As senator, I want to find a way to better help students with their mental health, potentially by expanding the amount of CAPs counselors and increasing the amount of appointments”

Regina also promises to do what he can to make the transition back to campus as smooth as possible in the fall. He hopes to see students back in classrooms and walking around campus later this year

The lone referendum on the ballot had a 79.4% vote for yes. It would add gender-neutral terminology throughout the entire ASI Bylaws. The referendum will also update officer position titles, as well as clarify their roles and responsibilities to avoid confusion.

Rodriguez said that the changes will come into effect next semester.

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