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Crime Blotter: CSULB’s Pyramid parking structure sees suspicious circumstance, elevator emergency

Suspicious Circumstance

On March 31 at around 2:30 p.m., a security guard working for the Kaiser Permanente vaccination site at the Walter Pyramid parking structure collided with high school runners.

High school students said they were instructed by their coach to run sprints in the parking structure, during which they ran into the security guard. The security guard called his wife to inform her, and she called the University Police Department.

Based on what the security guard told his wife, she claimed to UPD that he was assaulted. The high school students claimed that the security guard jumped in front of one of the runners during their sprints.

Due to conflicting stories, UPD officers decided that no one should be charged.

Suspicious Vehicle

On April 2 at about 5 p.m., two students drove their car onto upper campus near the Fine Arts 2 building to take photos.

UPD Capt. John Brockie informed them that they were not permitted to drive on the campus sidewalk.

“It’s a very picturesque location, but please don’t do it again,” Brockie said.

Elevator Emergency

At around noon on April 6, an individual got stuck in the Walter Pyramid parking structure elevator on the first floor.

The person called UPD from the elevator phone after being stalled for a short while.

By the time an officer arrived, the elevator was functional. UPD put in a work order to get the elevator fixed immediately.

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