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Letter from the editor: A change in the Daily Forty-Niner’s work culture

A year like no other

This past year can be marked with a few words. Unprecedented, tumultuous and a time for growth and learning.

Every facet of our lives were touched by the events going on around us. For us student journalists, we had to reinvent the wheel in many ways. How are we going to keep doing our job when everything has changed?

I asked myself that every day.

But rather than focus on the “how,” I should have been asking myself other questions. Why do we do what we do? How does what we do impact our community? What does our community need from us?

The publication of the letter from the JPR Students for Change reinforced what I had often felt: I could’ve done better and I should’ve done better.

Since its publication I’ve sat with my thoughts and looked back at my time as editor in chief. I am humbled by the lessons that I learned and am filled with immense pride that despite my misgivings, the staff I was able to work alongside with were able to persevere and make the publication something really wonderful.

My successor, Ashley Ramos, and I, are working together to create a more cohesive, equitable and inclusive newsroom. We are putting standards and practices in place that didn’t exist before and are working to bridge the gaps that allowed for and contributed to the problems that existed and mistakes that were made.

I sympathize with the anger and distrust with and in the publication that many of you have, but I implore you all: give us another chance.

Things are changing around here, for the better. Trust is earned, not given, but I sincerely hope for the benefit of future CSULB JPR students that your trust can be earned through hard work and dedicated, community-based journalism in the years to come.

-Madalyn Amato, Editor-in-Chief 2020-2021

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