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Student government address concerns over lack of campus amenities

Concerns regarding a lack of campus amenities, including limited dining options and slow internet connections, were addressed by Long Beach State’s student government during the latest meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

“The current food variety is very limited,” Sen. of Health and Human Services Maria Lopez said. “Some people are asking if we could open up The Nugget.”

Dining options on campus have been limited since the beginning of the pandemic when classes transitioned to online and ASI-run programs were shut down, rendering most buildings inaccessible to students.

Now more than a year since the transition, some restaurants are open once again, including Sbarro, Coffee Bean, Carl’s Jr, Robeks, Subway, and El Pollo Loco.

For students that would like to see more food options, it gets complicated as various restaurants on campus will remain closed for the rest of the semester due to health and safety precautions.

On-campus internet was another student concern that came up during the meeting, with students citing struggles with staying connected online and being dropped from their Zoom classes.

“During the afternoon, the internet seems to be going out,” Sen. Jeana Young said. “I myself have had to miss class due to the internet being spotty and kicking me out of the zone and I know other students have faced this as well.”

Last month, CSULB’s Division of Information Technology sent out an email addressing a wireless server issue that was impacting students use of the campus internet services.

“We have been working with our network vendors to address the issue as soon as possible,” according to the email.

Another raised concern was the closure of the basketball courts at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The basketball courts at the SRWC have been closed to the public this semester, along with the tennis court.

However, the pool area has opened up.

“[Students] believe that if people can be swimming with their masks off in a shared pool, then they should be able to play basketball as well,” Young said.

ASI Executive Director Miles Nevin said he is aware of the concerns with the SRWC, but COVID-19 safety protocols state that indoor spaces where students would potentially be interacting in close proximity are not permitted.

“The difference between that and the aquatic area is that the aquatic area of course is outside,” Nevin said. “We are trying to reopen spaces as much as we can. Most of the spaces are open but we just aren’t ready to open the courts.”

The next ASI Senate meeting will be held Wednesday, 9/24 at 3:30 p.m.

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