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CSULB Parking and Transportation Services postpone the sale of spring semester parking permits

CSULB Parking and Transportation Services announced in a campus-wide email they would postpone the Jan. 10 sale of spring semester parking permits due to switching to two-week remote instruction.

For campus commuters, paid parking will still be enforced at the Beach 24/7 including holidays, PTS stated in the email sent to students and faculty members on Thursday, Jan. 6.

Instead, $45 monthly permits will be available for purchase during the months of January and February, according to the PTS email.

Since the campus’ student services will continue to remain open, they will also continue operating with “appropriate safety protocols in place, including face coverings,” according to PTS.

Dalyn Billips, a fourth-year political science major plans on waiting to purchase a parking permit until “the [CSULB] administration clearly explains what the plan is after Feb. 7.”

“If we truly transition to in-person instruction at that time, then I will buy the parking passes on a month-by-month basis,” Billips said. “Doing it this way will work out better for me [because] I have classes with in-person meetings twice a week and a one-hour commute. So whether we are in-person or go back online at a moment’s notice, I won’t be stuck with a semester-long parking pass.”

At this time, there have not been any changes for students who purchased Overflow parking lot permits.

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