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ASI hosts final ‘Know Your Rights’ event of the semester

The Associated Students Inc. (ASI) judiciary team hosted their final “Know Your Rights” event that highlighted workers’ rights and protections Tuesday evening.

Stephanie Castillo, chief justice for the ASI judicial branch, hosted the event with guest speakers from other CSULB administrations to discuss unionization, wage theft and the process of reporting misconduct and discrimination in the workplace.

ASI assistant director of human resources, Jordan Eres, spoke to students about the rights they have as employees and how to report violations in the workplace.

Eres said that there are many “loopholes” that companies use to violate workers’ rights, but emphasized the importance of workers being aware of the legal obligations employers have to know whether a violation has occurred.

Recently, a number of employees from different organizations have begun unionizing their workplaces.

Eres said this may be a result of the increase in education on workers’ rights and protections, employees are learning how to advocate for better working conditions.

“Workers are much more in the know now,” Eres said. “Because of events like these, there is a knowledge gap that is closing.”

Larisa Hamada, the assistant vice president of the Office of Equity & Diversity led a presentation on how to respond to sexual misconduct and discrimination in the workplace.

Hamada provided attendees with the contact information for Jacqueline Urtez, the CSULB campus confidential advocate who works with survivors of sexual assault.

Urtez, unlike mandated reporters, has the ability to keep reports of sexual assault confidential and work with survivors by offering crisis intervention and advocacy.

ASI judiciary officials will continue to host the “Know Your Rights” events to inform students of their legal rights in a variety of positions they hold.

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