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Long Beach mayoral forum held at CSULB

Suzie Price, current council member for District 3 in Long Beach, is one of the final two candidates for Long Beach mayor.

Price is running with the second most votes out of the California primaries behind her opponent, Rex Richardson.

Price came out of the June primaries with a win of 38% of the votes, compared to Richardson who won 43.5% of the votes on June 7. The two mayoral candidates will further debate these topics and other issues during Wednesday night’s forum at 5:30 p.m. in the USU auditorium.

Richardson, current Long Beach vice mayor and councilman for District 9, addressed the issue of homelessness in his campaign with the H.O.P.E. plan. In this outline, Richardson aimed to create “quality and stable housing for all” as well as expand mental health services for those who are experiencing homelessness.

Price also addressed this issue in her campaign and said in her position as mayor she wanted to increase the number of outreach teams per district to connect with those experiencing chronic homelessness.

Another issue both candidates addressed was economic recovery. On his campaign page, Richardson listed investing in infrastructure and housing production, creating a deputy mayor for economic development and recovery, and boosting arts and culture as a few ways to boost the city’s economy.

Price addressed boosting economic activity in her campaign through investing in the small business sector and creating industry-specific incentives.

These two issues among others will be addressed during Wednesday night’s forum on the CSULB campus between the two candidates.

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